SuperMerchandisation of the 60s

Following on from the article in Issue 10, what follows is a listing of 1960s merchandising.

*This is not a comprehensive listing but mainly shows which items were advertised in the trade press, plus important highlights. Release dates are approximate as items were sometimes promoted and/or previewed months in advance of their commercial availability.

April: Four Feather Falls Sweet Shop by Berwick’s Toys
May: Four Feather Falls joins TV Comic
Sept: First Four Feather Falls annual (of 2)
Oct: Four Feather Falls Jigsaws by Tower Press

Mar: Supercar joins TV Comic
Sept: Supercar becomes colour centrespread in TV Comic
Unknown:Supercar Storybook by Wm Collins Sons & Co. Ltd

Jan: Supercar Sweet Cigarette Cards by Como
Sept: First Supercar annual (of 2)
Oct: Fireball XL5 joins TV Comic, replacing Four Feather Falls
Unknown:Japan issues first Supercar models and kits
Supercar Die-cast Model by Budgie
Supercar puppets by Pelham

Jan: Mike Mercury outfit and Fireball XL5 suit by D. Dekker Ltd.
First Fireball XL5 annual pre-publicity
Mar: A. P. Films (Merchandising) Ltd. issue a ʻFireball XL-5 specification sheet for licensees producing merchandise.
Apr: Zoom Ice Lolly (promoted by Fireball XL5) by Lyons Maid
Sept: First Fireball XL5 annual (of 4)
Fireball XL5 Rocketship, Jetmobiles and Space Gun by Graham Bros.
Fireball XL5 Parachute Rocket by Cavendish Distributors Co.
Fireball XL5 and Supercar ʻJollyfilmsʼ by Peak (J. S. Frieze & Co. Ltd.)
Fireball XL5 Jetmobile (Steve Zodiac and Zoony) by Marcus Harris & Lewis Ltd.
Unknown:Fireball XL5 Sweet Cigarette Cards by Como

Jan: Fireball XL5 Jetmobile Friction Toy by Golden Gate
Sept: Supercar ends in TV Comic, replaced by Space Patrol by Roberta Leigh
Oct: Fireball XL5 ends in TV Comic, replaced by Dr Who
Supercar Balloons by Ariel
Dec: Supercar & Fireball XL5 Snap Card Games by Ariel
Unknown:Stingray Sweet Cigarette Cards by Cadet

Jan: TV Century 21 launched
Stingray Water patrol Craft by Lone Star
Feb: Stingray by Lincoln Toys
May: Sea Jet/Super Sea Jet Ice Lollies (promoted by/based on Stingray) by Lyons Maid
June: Stingray Oil-Painting-by-Numbers from Craftmaster
Stingray Pencil by Numbers by Kitfix Hobbies
Stingray Arm Fins
Jul: Stingray Colormastic
Sept: First Stingray annual (of 2) and first TV Century 21 annual (of 3)
Stingray Cap by W.R. Davies (Sharon Lee) Ltd.
Oct: Century 21 Records issue first six Mini-Albums
TV21 Gem Watercolour Set by Esterbrook Pen Co. Ltd.
Dec: Thunderbirds Board Game by Waddingtons
Unknown:Thunderbirds Sweet Cigarette Cards by Barratt & Co (First Series - Artwork)
Armada issue their first Anderson novel: Stingray by John Theydon

Jan: Lady Penelope comic launched
Scott Tracy and Lady Penelope puppets by Cecil Coleman Ltd. puppets
Thunderbirds Give-A-Show Projector by Chad Valley
Thunderbirds Kite by W.R. Davies (Sharon Lee) Ltd.
Feb: Thunderbirds playsuits and Stencil Sets by Berwickʼs Toy Company Ltd.
Thunderbirds and Lady Penelopeʼs Rolls Royce snap-together kits by Lincoln
Thunderbirds Pencil by Numbers by Kitfix Hobbyʼs Ltd.
Apr: Zoom ‘Mark IV’ Ice Lolly (based on Thunderbird 1) by Lyons Maid
June: Lady Penelope Colouring Set by Kitfix Hobbyʼs Limited
Lady Penelope doll by Graham Bros.
Four-page feature in British Toys - Thunderbirds Merchandise is Go!:
Thunderbirds Oil-Painting-by-Numbers from Craftmaster
Lady Penelope Play Suit by D. Dekker Ltd
Thunderbirds Children’s Books by World Distributors including:
Colouring books, Sticker Fun Books, Doll Dressing books, Playbooks,
Picture books and Story books.
Thunderbirds Modelling Sets by Seamer Products (Sculptorcraft) Ltd
Thunderbirds Toys by J. Rosenthal (Toys) Ltd. including:
Thunderbirds One, Two and Three
Lady Penelope Tea Set
Thunderbirds 3D Painting Set
Thunderbirds ‘Hat’ by W.R. Davies (Sharon Lee) Ltd.
Aug: Thunderbird Space Age Skate by Davies Steel Specialities Ltd
Thunderbirds plasticine by Harbutts
Thunderbirds cut-out figures on boxes of Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks -
the first of four promotions featuring the series.
Sept: First Thunderbirds annual (of 3) and first Lady Penelope annual (of 3)
Thunderbirds Toys by J. Rosenthal (Toys) Ltd.
Thunderbirds Gummed Papercraft by Kitfix Hobbyʼs Limited
TV2000 launches in Holland
Oct: Thunderbirds balloons by Lewis Knight and Co. Ltd.
A.P. Films Merchandising becomes Century 21 Merchandising.
Dec: Thunderbirds Are Go! film released
Dinky Toys issue first Anderson-related diecast: Lady Penelope’s FAB 1
Thunderbirds Party Crackers by Tom Smith & Co, Ltd.
Unknown:Armada issue a second Stingray novel, and four Thunderbirds novels
Thunderbirds Sweet Cigarette Cards by Barratt & Co (Second Series - Photos)
Thunderbirds Viewmaster

Jan: TV Tornado and Candy comics launched
Feb: Solo comic launched
Mar: Dinky Toys issue Thunderbird 2
Lady Penelope novel from Armada
May: FAB Ice Lolly (promoted by Lady Penelope) by Lyons Maid
Sept: First Captain Scarlet annual (of 2)
Captain Scarlet Board Game by Waddingtons
TV Tornado and Solo merge
Century 21 Merchandising Supplement:
Captain Scarlet Spectrum Badges by Plastoid
Captain Scarlet 3D Painting Kit by Scalecraft
Captain Scarlet and Destiny Angel dolls and figures by Pedigree
Captain Scarlet Oil Painting by Numbers by Craftmaster
Captain Scarlet Bagatelles by Louis Marx & Co. Ltd
Captain Scarlet High Flying Kites by Bowman Jenkins
Captain Scarlet Balloons by Lewis Knight & Co. Ltd
Captain Scarlet Patrol/Pursuit by Tri-Ang Toys/Rovex Industries
Captain Scarlet Wipe-Off Colouring Cards, Stencil Set and Beakers
by Berwick’s Toy Co. Ltd
Captain Scarlet figures by Model Toys Ltd
Captain Scarlet by Century 21 Toys including:
Captain Scarlet Playsuits
Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, Angel Interceptor & Spectrum Saloon Car
Captain Scarlet Dart Gun & target
Ball puzzles, Cap gun and holster, Key Chain, Tool belt, Wallet and Water pistol
The Angels Beauty set, Jewellery set, Pendant and Sling bag
Oct: Angel Interceptor by Airfix
Spectrum File novels 1 & 2 (Captain Scarlet) by Armada
Dec: The Angels Tea Set by Clifford Toys
Last Century 21 Mini-Albums (Captain Scarlet)
Unknown:Captain Scarlet Sweet Cigarette Cards by Barratt & Co (Photos)
Captain Scarlet Gum Cards by Anglo Confectionery (Photos/Art)

Jan: Captain Scarlet Spectrum badges in boxes of Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks -
the first of three promotions featuring the series.
Century 21 Publishing relocate from Fleet Street to May’s Court
TV Century 21 becomes just TV21
Feb: Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle by Dinky Toys
Mar: Spectrum File novel 3 (The Angels) by Armada
Apr: Captain Scarlet plasticine by Harbuttʼs.
May: Century 21 Merchandising open new showroom at
Noble Road, Eley’s Industrial Estate, Edmonton, London
Orbit Ice Lolly (promoted by Captain Scarlet) by Lyons Maid
Jun: Maximum Security Vehicle by Dinky Toys
Lady Penelope comic becomes just Penelope
Jul: Spectrum Patrol Car by Dinky Toys
Sept: First Joe 90 annual (of 2)
First TV21 annual (of 5, though last 3 have no Anderson content)
TV21 merges with TV Tornado
Joe 90 Cap by W.R. Davies (Sharon Lee) Ltd.
Oct: Joe 90 and the Raiders by Armada
Nov: Joe 90 badges in boxes of Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks -
the first of two promotions featuring the series.
Various Joe 90 items promoted by Lone Star
Dec: Joe 90 Give-A-Show Projector by Chad Valley
Various Joe 90 items promoted by Century 21 Toys
Unknown:Joe 90 Sweet Cigarette Cards by Primrose (Photos)
Joe 90 Viewmaster

Jan: Joe 90: Top Secret comic launched
Joe’s Car (Dinky/Meccano)
Mar: Joe 90 in Revenge (Armada)
Apr: Zoom Ice Lolly (promoted by Joe 90) by Lyons Maid
May: Century 21 Publishing is closed down
Smash Ice Lolly (promoted by Thunderbirds) by Lyons Maid
June: Sam’s Car (Dinky/Meccano)
Sept: TV21 & TV Tornado merges with Joe 90: Top Secret to become TV21 & Joe 90
First Penelope annual (of 3) though the 1971 edition has no Anderson content)
Combined Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet annual, Joe 90: Top Secret annual
Nov: Two The Secret Service novels from Armada
Dec: Penelope merges with Princess Tina
Candy merges with Jack and Jill
Unknown:Joe 90 Gum Cards by Anglo Confectionery (Photos/Art)
The Secret Service Sweet Cigarette Cards by Barratt & Co (Photos)

June: Dinky Toys issue Gabriel Model T Ford from The Secret Service -
possibly same casting as earlier Model T release, No. 475
but a different paint scheme
Spring: Thunderbirds and Joe 90 are last strips to run in TV21

Feb: While UFO is the highlight, Countdown launches with rights to
Supermarionation strips from Fireball XL5 to The Secret Service.
Unknown:Dinky re-issue Thunderbird 2 in blue colour