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Andersonic Issue 20 features:

Interview with Brian Johnson, Special Effects Director on Space: 1999

Interview with Mark Harrison, CG Director on New Captain Scarlet

Thunderbirds 1965 set visit (The Abominable Snowman)

Dream Episodes - Are They a Cop-Out?

Space: 1999/ Another Time, Another Place episode review

Thunderbirds Are Go - 'Hepisode Guide' Part 1. 


























Andersonic Issue 19 features:

Interview with sculptor and puppeteer Mary Turner

Interview with production manager Ken Holt

Space: 1999/ Black Sun. We look at David Weir's first draft script.

Strip Story: Fireball Xl5 'Electrode 909' from TV21

UFO/ The Cat With Ten Lives - episode review

Thunderbirds at 50 



























Andersonic Issue 18 features:

Interview with director and editor David Elliott

Interview with camera operator and director Alan Perry

UFO/ Computer Affair - episode review

Joe 90/ Most Special Agent - two writers battle it out over the episode's pros and cons.

Strip Story: Stingray 'Model Mission' from Countdown

Thunderbirds - Is It Invisible TV?



























Issue 17 of Andersonic:- 

























Andersonic Issue 16:- 

























Andersonic Issue 15:- 

























Issue 14 of Andersonic features -

Robert Easton interview  -  an interview with the late Stingray voice artiste (Phones, X-20) in which he discusses his time working on the series, working with Don Mason and Peter Lorre, and his views on Stingray after over 40 years.  
Terry Adlam interview - Special effects assistant on Terrahawks & Space Police and creator of Dick Spanner, Terry discusses his time working on Gerry Anderson's 80s series... oh, and some modest productions by a bloke called George Lucas.
UFO/ The Patriot a look at this unfilmed UFO script with recollections and comments from writer Leo Eaton. A UFO crashes in the middle of a civil war in an African country and Straker must recover the alien pilot before his existence is revealed to the world...
Keith Miles - short Q&A with the writer of Space:1999's 'All That Glisters' episode.
Manual Control! - a look at the genesis of the new Thunderbirds Haynes Manual.
Killed In Supermarionation - with all those guns and missiles on show, was violence handled appropriately in Century 21's puppet series? We're not so sure...
Space:1999/The Testament of Arkadia - was it the best ending the series never had? A review of the final episode of Space: 1999's epic first series.
UFO/ Mindbender - one of UFO's most memorable episodes reviewed, with a detour into the twilight zone for Ed Straker.
Thunderbirds/ Cry Wolf - two writers dissect a classic Thunderbirds episode - one in favour, one not.
... and more. Cover image by Keith McNeill.






















Issue 13 features:-

A 9-page interview with Space: 1999 director Ray Austin in which he discusses his time on the series, including his favourite episodes, his style of direction and working with Martin Landau.

Jan King Interview - Jan discusses his time working on Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and Terrahawks, including burning hotel rooms, puppet eunochs and old Ninestein himself.

Specsavers TV Advert - a photo feature on the making of the recent Thunderbirds Specsavers TV advert.

Thunderhawks  - the aborted concept that later evolved into Terrahawks with loads of photos, some even in colour.

Pat Silver - a short Q&A with the co-writer of Space:1999/ Full Circle.

The Bringers of Wonder - a review/script to screen feature of this Space:1999 two-parter.

Recollections of a Floor Puppeteer - John Last recalls his brief time working on Joe 90

Plus reviews of The Sound of Silence, Attack of the Alligators and more.























Issue 12 features -

Interview with former APF sculptor John Blundall in which he discusses his time working on series from Supercar up to Thunderbirds. John discusses how he got involved in puppetry, working with Christine Glanville, Wolfgang Manthey and Mary Turner, his favourite creations and what went into designing characters such as Robert the Robot, Professor Matic and of course Parker.

Robin McDonald Interview - Century 21's Clapper Loader/Focus Puller recalls his time working on series from Thunderbirds to Space:1999, working with alligators, Ed Bishop & Mike Billington and even The Sweeney and Terrahawks.

A Breath of Death - a look at an unfilmed Space:1999 script by Irving Gaynor Nieman.

Supermarionation Stamps - the Royal Mail's special issue commemmorating 50 years of Supermarionation. With comment from artist Gerry Embleton

The Return of Victor Bergman - Robert Wood outlines the making of this touching fan-made short film.

Space 1999/ The Last Sunset - Alpha's finest are stranded on the lunar surface with only a corroding Eagle and a crazed Paul Morrow for company.

UFO /Destruction - Four writers give their view on Dennis Spooner's sole contribution to UFO.

Fireball XL5/ Space City Special - The Subterrains' plan with Manchurian overtones...

plus more of our Joe 90 A-Z, a free competition to win a trip to Vostula and more!