Issue 11 (February 2011) features:-

• Interview with Century 21's former Visual Effects Director Shaun Whittacker-Cook in which he discusses his time working at Century 21 on series from Thunderbirds up to UFO.

Starcruiser 'Run Robot Run' - we examine a recently unearthed script for the Anderson TV series that never was.

• The Anderson Collecting Gene - What fans collect and why they do it.

• Space 1999/ Force of Life - Ian McShane catches a chill as Moonbase Alpha revisits Quatermass

• Interster - A look at the South African puppet series influenced by Century 21

• UFO /Flight Path - an early episode examined

• Ghosts in the Machine - SHADO, the CIA and other Fictions. Looking at information, misinformation and close encounters.

• Lunarville Lip - Captain Scarlet's loose trilogy of moon-based episodes

• Could You Fly a Thunderbird - Take our psychometric test and find out

Issue 10 (August 2011) features:-

• A new interview with former Century 21 writer and director Leo Eaton in which he discusses his time directing the puppet series, writing for Scarlet, what it was like working on Joe 90 and UFO, why he eventually left the series and how he came to work with Ed Wood.
• Supermerchandisation - A look at how Century 21 revolutionised the marketing of 'tie-in' products in the 1960s. (See this website for additonal info on this subject)
• Into Infinity - Script to screen feature revealing scenes that didn't make it to the final version plus a new interview with musician Steve Coe. 
• Space:1999/ Earthbound - a look at Anthony Terpiloff's episode where Christopher Lee gives everyone an egg and Gerald Simmonds Esq does everything he can to get back to where he once belonged.
• Brink of Disaster Retrospective - four writers evaluate one of Thunderbirds' most stylish episodes. Is complete automation a viable option? Whadda you think!
• UFO/ Survival - Michael Billington makes his UFO debut in a moon-based episode that explores prejudice and, er, survival. 
• Space Patrol - a look at the 1960s series made by former Anderson alumni Arthur Provis and Roberta Leigh, which had an interesting legacy. 
• Review Section - New merchandise reviewed. 
• SHADO Staff Handbook - What not to do in your new job. Please sign and return to the HR department. What do you mean you don't want a lilac gull-wing company car?
• Joe 90 A-Z - everything you need to know about WIN's 4' 4" Most Special Agent.
• X-Planes Extra - more inspirational designs we couldn't fit in last time. Ever wondered what inspired the design of Thunderbird 1, FAB 1, Supercar and UFO's Lunar Carrier?

44 pages with colour outer and inner covers/ black and white interior. 


























Issue 9 of Andersonic (February 2010) features:-

• A 9-page interview with Century 21 designer Mike Trim: Mike discusses his work starting on Thunderbirds all the way through to UFO, describing his day-to-day duties on these series, his influences, working with Derek Meddings and much more.

• Space 1999 Set Visit - Koenig and Doctor Who on the same set? John Sinclair recalls his visit to Pinewood Studios to see filming on the final episode 'The Dorcons'.

• X Marks The Spot - Looking at some of the real-world influences on the Century 21 designers, the X-Planes of the 50s and 60s.

• Supercar Overview - a re-evaluation of one of the Andersons' lesser-known and rarely repeated series.

• Thunderbirds Date Debate - two writers look at the evidence for and against placing the series in 2026 or 2065.

• Space:1999/ The Last Enemy - a look at one of Bob Kellett's more pulp episodes of the first series. Beware independent women in enormous spaceships!

• The Roots of UFO - a look at the literary and film influences that shaped the Andersons' first live-action series.

• UFO/ Ordeal - Why do I never get invited to parties like that? Classic episode reviewed.

• A Question of Miracles - Retrospectlode Reviewbode.

• Review Section - The new 'Filmed in Supermarionation' book. That's where our pocket money's going.

• Things You Do - ...when you're a fan. More skeletons from our closets.

44 pages with colour outer and inner covers/ black and white interior.


Issue 8 of Andersonic features articles on:-

• Stingray - is there more to Stingray's longevity than all that colour? Line out to Deepsville with Commander Daddio to find out about the Andersons' foray into inner space.
• Joe 90 - City of Dolls: a look at how the series captured the zeitgeist of the late 60s.
• Joe 90/ Business Holiday - Uncle Sam stole my swimming trunks! Classic episode reviewed.
• The Metamorph Retrospective - Changes were deemed necessary to get the series back on the air, but did they do the trick? Our writers take a closer look at the second season's colourful opener and sound off about Fred Freiberger's reboot of Space:1999.
• Beyond Century 21 - a look at the fate of costumes, instrumentation and miniatures from the Anderson series after the closure of the studios... but where exactly do Sid James, The Goodies and mashed potato fit into the equation?
• Space:1999/ Missing Link - a look at one of Edward di Lorenzo's thoughtful offering from the first series. Is it more important to feel than to think?
• Interview - artist Mike Noble discusses his career, his techniques, influences and drawing everything from cowboys to bedsteads!
• UFO/ The Square Triangle - UFO does melodrama as Straker comes up against Patrick Mower and a very dead alien. Classic episode reviewed.
• Review Section - Fanderson's Stingray CD and two volumes of TV21 reprints. That's where our pocket money's going.
• Alpha Mail - Readers letters and comments.
• Things You Do - ...when you're a fan. Back by popular demand!

40 pages with colour covers/ black and white interior.





Issue 7 of Andersonic features articles on:-

• Fireball XL5 - once the fastest guy alive, is he now ready to draw his pension?
• UFO/Close Up - well, the music's pretty good...
• Alpha Incident Log - Strange goings on with jewelled asteroids.
• APF Memories - One fan's recollections of visiting the studios in their 60s heyday and meeting Virgil Tracy in an unexpected place.
• The Spirit of Thunderbirds - what did the 2004 film miss and what a new series should do to put it right.
• Space:1999/ The Infernal Machine - Artificial intelligence seeks new companion for long-term relationship - apply Box 1999.
• Interview - Dominic Lavery discusses designing and directing New Captain Scarlet.
• Character Study - Is there more to Alec Freeman than keeping the Whisky industry afloat single-handedly? We think so.
• Space:1999/ Black Sun - Things look grim - time to crack open Victor's brandy.
• Star Fleet/X-Bomber - the Japanese puppet serial which had much in common with the Andersons' 60s series.
• Stingray/ Titan Goes Pop - Celebrity culture and pop music get the thumbs down in one of Stingray's best episodes. Is it anything to shout about? Yeah, man!
• Review Section - Barry Gray Centenary Concert and Doppelganger DVD.
• Things You Do - ...when you're a fan.

40 pages with colour covers/ black and white interior.





Issue 6 of Andersonic features articles on:-

• The Art of Ron Embleton - the work of TV21's Scarlet and Stingray artist.
• Lord Parker's 'Oliday - Bingo! A classic episode reviewed.
• Alpha Incident Log - Strange goings on with glowing rocks and Irish Cowboys...
• Faith in Science - The contributions of Barry Morse and Johnny Byrne to Space:1999.
• Identified Retrospective - Seven different writers share their thoughts on UFO's opener.
• SHADO Test Paper - Ed and Alec's Fun Page.
• Interview - Gerry Anderson discusses UFO, New Captain Scarlet... and lemmings.
• Writing the Tracys - exploring Thunderbirds' popularity with writers.
• Winged Assassins - what makes Captain Scarlet the odd one out?
• Mission of the Darians - Mutant! Classic Space:1999 episode reviewed.
• The Fall of Troy - Stingray's Forbidden Shakespearian roots.
• Watching the Watchers - the arrival of the 21st Century in our living rooms.
• Trap for a Rhino - New Captain Scarlet episode appraised.

40 pages with colour covers/ black and white interior.





Issue 5 of Andersonic (Spring 2008) includes articles on:-

• The Art of UFO - The UFO comic strip in Countdown.
• The Investigator - A trip to Malta with strings attached.
• Koenig's Diary - More of the Commander's inner thoughts.
• Trapped In The Sky - Thunderbirds' finest hour.
• The Man Who Came Back - Derren Nesbitt plays the villain. Again.
• Milady and Her Friends - A look at Anderson's female characters.
• The 2001 Connection - Alpha's debt to Kubrick's epic.
• Artificial Intelligence Test - Gwent vs Brian the Brain - who'll win?
• Medusa/Alpha: Collision 1975! - Star Maidens examined.
• A Question of Priorities - Straker faces a dilemma.
• Captain Scarlet Retrospective - First impressions of Metcalfe and co.
• Dorzak - Episode Review: Yet another madman arrives on Alpha.
• UFO Location Tour - We visit a few familiar places from UFO.
• Stop Press - Freeman Court Martial Shock.


Issue 4
of Andersonic (Autumn 2007) features articles on the following:-

• News - Alec Freeman in whisky horror. Again.
• Frank, Don, Dan and the Tracys - A look at the Thunderbirds comic strip.
• Alpha Incident Log - Strange happenings on Psychon.
• Timelash Revisited - Big deal Straker, the guy the girls admire!
• Rat Boy - Series Overview: Joe 90 dissected. Not literally, sadly.
• Guardian of Piri - Turn on, tune in, get spaced out.
• Starcruiser - Stripped for Action - Comic strip, model kit or TV series?
• Growing Up With Gerry Anderson - Back to the future of the 50s and 60s.
• Attack on Cloudbase - Classic series episode review.
• Dreams of the Cold War Kid - How the 60s Cold War shaped Century 21.
• Johnny's Who -Johnny Byrne's travels in the Tardis after he left Alpha.
• Exposed Uncovered - Paul Foster's debut episode reviewed.

40 pages with colour covers/ black and white interior

Issue 3 of Andersonic (Spring 2007) features:-

• News and Television Highlights
• Straker's Alien Defence Organisation - A look at the character of Ed Straker.
• The Devious Thoughts of Alec Freeman - Inside the head of SHADO's second in command.
• In the Dragon's Domain - Classic episode review
• The Write Stuff - Dennis Spooner's work for the Andersons
• Survival in the Blue Quadrant - Staying alive on Moonbase Alpha
• Captain Black: Doppelgangers, Destiny and the Deep Fix
• Koenig's Diary - The inner thoughts of Alpha's leader
• Lights, Camera . . . Inaction! - Century 21 goes to the cinema
• Martian Mysteries - Continuity in Captain Scarlet
• Book Review - The Invisible Man by Simon Messingham
• Clone Wars - Terrahawks Revisited
• Secret Servibold Dateymost - Dating Unwin's Adventures. Oh Folly! 
• Alpha Mail - Readers Letters


40 pages - Black and white throughout

Issue 2 of Andersonic (Spring 2006) has been redesigned (in as far as we're capable of doing such things) and features articles on the following:-

• Into Infinity - The rarely seen 70s episode reviewed.
• Ask Victor - Prof Bergman dodges readers' questions.
• Alan Fennell: A Man of Mighty Visions - Legendary scriptwriter and TV21 Editor.
• Space Police: Star Laws - Unscreened episode review.
• The Secret Service - Anderson's final puppet series dissected.
• Alpha Mail - Readers' letters. Sort of.
• Solar Flares - Space:1999 series overview.
• New Captain Scarlet - Anderson's newest series reviewed with episode guide.
• Lunar Sea - A different take on Space:1999.
• David Tomblin - UFO and 1999's writer and director.
• Future Imperfect - The 60s' view of the 21st century.
• Koenig's Diary - inside the mind of John Robert Koenig
• Terror In New York City - Is it the best Thunderbirds episode?



40 pages - black and white throughout

... and if you were wondering, there was no Issue 1.