Issue 22 of Andersonic is coming your way, Earthmen. It will soon be in your orbit. In the meantime,  Issue 21 is still available, Earthmen. Just click on the 'Buy Andersonic' tab on the left). It features:

Deborah Grant interview - Deborah recalls her time working on UFO with Mike Pratt in 'The Psychobombs'.

Sylvia Anderson tributes - our writers pay tribute to Sylvia Anderson who died earlier this year.

Archive - In 1993 Chris Drake interviewed Gerry Anderson for his book 'UFO & Space: 1999'. In the first part of this full interview Gerry talked candidly about the making of UFO. 

Thunderbirds 1965 Set Visit -  Mike Coldwell takes a trip to Slough to see the second of the three new Thunderbirds episodes being filmed, 'Introducing Thunderbirds'.

John Cameron interview - musical director on 'The Protectors', John talks about his long and varied career, featuring Donovan and a bit of Psychomania too.

Continuity in the 21st Century - a look at what happens when writers ignore it and fans make too much of it.

Thunderbirds - Fred McNamara reviews John Theydon's first novel based on the series. 

Stingray - 'The Disappearing Ships' episode review 

Reviews - we review recent books, CDs and DVDs. Plus… just who are The Protractors?


So what exactly is Andersonic? It's an A5 paper fanzine which covers the films and television series of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Each issue contains features and articles which explore and discuss their many series, from the black and white Supercar and Fireball XL5, 60s series StingrayThunderbirdsCaptain ScarletJoe 90 and The Secret Service; the live-action series UFO and Space:1999 and later stuff such as Terrahawks and right up to date with New Captain Scarlet. In previous issues we have also covered the films Doppelganger and Into Infinity. We have featured interviews with, amongst others, Mike Trim, Dominic Lavery, Shaun Whittacker-Cook, Jan King, Robert Easton, Tony Harding and Mike Noble.


Andersonic is published every 6 months (very approximately) and is available to buy via this website plus one or two other outlets, and via eBay around the time of publication. All issues are still in print and available from this site. If you'd like to be kept informed of the availability of current and future issues, please send an email and you'll be added to the mailing list.  

The fanzine is run on a strictly non-profit basis.


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